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  • Responsive Website Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Ecommerce Development


  • E-commerce Development
  • ERP Development
  • Educational Development
  • CRM Development
  • Retail ERP Dvelopment


  • Mobile Development
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • API Pluggins


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Our Work

Royzez Website


D2h Website

D2h grocery

RBD Website


Groceryhub Website


School Website

School uniform

Paintball Website


Transorg Website


Creactive Professtional Website


Our Products


Mprofinders is cloud based software with a number of modules, all in one application, to fulfil the needs of HR and Payroll requirements. The modules offered are connected in a way to serve all the organizations employee and payroll needs.


Mcampus is a combination of college and school ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and advanced LMS (learning management system). The ERP modules of Mcampus are developed keeping in mind the needs of the management, teachers, students of a college and schools at an extremely low cost.


It is a complete web based business management system that requires only a web-browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of features suitable for many businesses particularly distributed businesses in wholesale, distribution and manufacturing.

Other Products

We are going to launch new products like "PMS" (Performance Management System).

Technology we use

About us

Mindz Technology has set itself to take care of your dreams figure them into reality with our proficiency and inventive methodologies. Being a leading brand name in web design and development solutions for the worldwide market, Mindz offers best service alongside with online industry service. Our proficiency in the field is time weathered. With its excellent services catered to diverse domains, Mindz is all set to provide its services for the worldwide patrons.
 With its best practical knowledge and hands-on experience with technology, the team gives an optimized output which not only caters to the client’s needs but also provides with the best user experience.We are best at what we do, that is, developing an interactive site, providing its users with high-end experience, by using our skills which we’ve acquired after working for over a period just under a decade.

Our Clients


Shopclues Logo

Shopclues is one of the leading B2C e-commerce portal. We provide a hybrid business model to them where we develop their portal two ways. Being an offshore development center and by supplying experiened and well trained in-house team. This is built on a marketplace model.

Royzez Logo

They’re the 8th largest Carpet Exporters in the world. They already have their own offline as well as online stores. They hired inhouse technology team and came up with portal www.royzez.com. They worked very hard for an year but they couldn’t reach the level, they had planned for them. They were also planning to start series of ecommerce portals and also complete offline module with centralized warehouse and Inventory management system. They did complete research from different companies but at the end found our experience relevant to kind of requirement they have and also our experience of building complete technology from scratch really impressed them so, they hired us and we delivered. Seeing this they extended their scope of work from one ecommerce portal to three portals, giving us three more projects .

Akhash Logo

When the Indian government devised the plan to develop the cheapest tablet in the world that could be provided to the student community in the country, many thought it was just another political gimmick. Datawind wanted an online portal for its well known device, Aakash Tablets so that it can reach a large number of people on a verge of the click of a mouse The online portal ‘http://www.akashtablet.com/’ was finally developed after several prototypes were developed to test the best approach for situation. Everything went smoothly and the customers never experienced any service interruption. In the end we delivered what was promised, guaranteed customer satisfaction and a stunning success for our partner

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